OrphansatDoorMy name is Aaron Hanania. I was born in Russia in a city called Ekaterinburg near the Ural mountains and just west of Siberia.

The orphanage where I was born is overcrowded with orphans, many of whom do not have immediate hope of finding forever family to help nurture their lives and raise them.

While they are at the orphanage, they need many things. The youngest babies need diapers. They need clothing. And all of the children there need toys to help them strengthen their cognitive skills and ability to become product members of the world’s society.

Without your help, they will face a difficult time while waiting for parents to adopt them.

As a part of my Bar Mitzvah, I am doing a Mitzvah Project, basically doing something good for others. I am excited that my Mitzvah Project is to help children who live at the orphanage where I was born.

In the picture above, I am on the left at the front of the door to our orphanage room with my friends, many of whom were adopted by American Families who live near me. We’re able to stay in touch and in contact and celebrate our Russian Heritage together, while also being grateful for our families.

I hope you will help.

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Aaron Hanania