SSPX0135I was born in Ekaterinburg in Russia near the Ural Mountains. I lived in an orphanage for about two years before I was adopted and came to the United States.

Today, I play baseball, drums and guitar, and enjoy reading, writing and music.

I am studying for my Bar Mitzvah in May and my Mitzvah Project is to help raise funds to help the orphanage where I lived as a young child.

I am lucky because five of my friends in the orphanage were adopted by families in the Chicagoland area and we stay in touch. We all lived in the same unit at the orphanage. We love our Russian heritage and our American lives. Being Russian and American is a good mix.

I hope one day that Russia will re-allow American families to adopt more Russian orphans.

This is a photo with my mom and dad. It was taken at my cousin’s wedding.


I will be writing more about my life on this website.




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