Ekaterinburg Orphanage

I was born in Ekaterinburg in Russia and lived in an Orphanage there with hundreds of other little kids hoping to have my own family.

These are some of the photos from my life, and with my friends.


Here I am at the door of my unit with my friends, most of whom have been adopted and are enjoying a new life with families that care and love them.

DSC00837 805783-R1-16

This is the view from the window of the orphanage playroom where we could look out at the backyard.

Ray Aaron Outside Orphanage

Me with my dad outside of the orphanage.

Aaron Orphanage

Many orphans do not find homes. But as they wait for their homes, they have to survive living off of the support and donations of the government and the public.


Outside the door of the orphanage with my mom.

other kids other kids 2

Waiting to be fed in the small dining room. Back then, my mom and dad said I would eat anything and everything. Things have changed but I haven’t forgotten.


The office of the orphan doctor who helped ensure we were physically fit and healthy.


Our orphanage was in a huge neighborhood complex. This is the passageway that leads to the orphanage.

DSC00863 DSC00859

A view of the orphanage from the complex nearby.


One of the stores near the orphanage.

(Below) Inside the playroom where children would play and, if they were fortunate, would meet the parents who would adopt them and care for them. Not every child manages to find a parent. And with the new laws in Russia and the growing tension between the United States and Russia, the future is uncertain.

DSC00733 DSC00797 DSC00756 Aaron & a caregiver 2

That’s me, and also with my care giver.

I hope you can help.


Aaron Hanania